About Directory SEO Service Guidelines

The About directory was founded in 1997 by Scott Kurnit under the name The Mining Company." It took on its current name in 1999 to better suit its purpose as a content rich information service. About was purchased by Primedia in 2001, and then by the New York Times in 2005. The About directory claims over 20 million visitors per month.

About is a unique online guide that promises high quality and relevant up-to-date information. The difference between About and other directory services is that all content on About is written by staff selected from wide range of countries. Content writers, otherwise known as Guides, are hired based on a number of qualifying merits, such as their level of knowledge on the topics they write about, as well as the necessary credentials (education etc). Only 10 percent of those who apply become About Guides.

After querying a search from About, it breaks the results down by sponsored links followed by results from the About network, followed by more sponsored links. For example, SEO service returns a list of linked sponsored SEO service companies, followed by a small list pulled from the About network, with topics ranging from what an SEO service company does, to the benefits of SEO service.

About claims to have a network of 475 channels and 50,000 + topics. Online guides are provided in both written and video format (video guides were launched in 2004). Examples of subjects found on About might include how to build a garden planter, or what to look for when purchasing a used automobile.

Channels are located down the left hand side of the main page, but users can also find subjects alphabetically.

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