Alibaba Directory Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Alibaba is an ecommerce trade portal directory service, founded in 1999 by Jack Ma-Ma is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Based in Hangzhou China, Alibaba is an international company that holds offices in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Europe, and Beijing. Alibaba's properties include: Alibaba International, Alibaba China, TaoBao and AliPay Online (allows businesses to make and receive payments online).

In August, 2005, Yahoo! claimed a major stake in Alibaba, investing one billion dollars in the company for a 40 percent share. At the time this article was written, the Alibaba network claimed 18 million registered users, and considered itself the largest e-commerce company in China.

Alibaba is a specialized directory service that centers on both international and domestic trade. Its mandate is to serve SME's (small to medium business enterprises) by connecting them with business partners. With Alibaba, members can search a wide range of business categories from the Alibaba database to purchase and sell products. There is a broad range of predefined categories to search from, such as Agriculture, Real Estate, Textiles and Toys, for example.

Membership requires annual subscriptions fees, which allows members to post product information and make offers. A third party agency is responsible for user authentication for security.

Buying and selling: When looking to purchase items, you can send inquiries to sellers about their products and services using the 'Inquire Now' button. This takes you to an inquiry form. You can inquire multiple sellers by adding items to your shopping basket, and then press Inquire Basket.

Posting Buying Leads.
When you post a buying lead you set up a request for quote to sellers to quote their product price range and terms. As a seller you can send quotes under buying leads.

Trade Alert
Allows you to set up business leads via email alerts. As a seller you can fill out information to send alerts out about your products.

RSS Feeds
Alibaba distributes its own RSS (really simple syndication) feeds in XML that members can access with news aggregators. Through the RSS service, members can obtain information on the latest news products and trade leads.

Advanced Search
With Alibaba's advanced search, you can:
  • Refine by category and region, by selecting only the categories and regions you want to search under.

  • Refine selling leads, select lead type such as seller, agent, cooperation and time period. Set time period on buying leads.

  • Select products.

  • Select business type under companies.

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