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Is B2B Here to Stay?

by Robert McCourty

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This article from The Mender (Issue 9),
Metamend's Web Site Optimization and Marketing Newsletter.

Everyone knows the economy has softened and that New Economy companies have become particularly vulnerable to a steep downslide. But what happened to the business-to-business dreams? Did they all go down the tubes?

Analysts have been quick to point out that investment in B2B infrastructure and applications should continue to grow despite the downturn. Even Alan Greenspan has gotten into the act, reassuring the world in a recent presentation before the Senate Banking Committee that B2B is here to stay.

"The wave of new online business-to-business activities is far from cresting," he told the senators. "Most corporate managers appear not to have altered to any appreciable extent their long-standing optimism about the future returns from using new technology."

Those may be soothing words, but where are the hard numbers? WebMethods, the developer of B2B integration tools, provided some a couple of weeks ago when shared its financials for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2000. Not only did the company turn its first quarterly profit to the tune of five cents a share, but it beat Wall Street expectations by a whopping 500 percent! All of which points to the increasing recognition that integration is key to B2B. WebMethods' profitability is attributable to the fact it has its finger on the pulse of companies slogging through the B2B quagmire, providing the glue which ties them to e-marketplaces and collaborative commerce partners.

The new brass ring is on adding value with the technology to make business transactions less costly and more efficient with a main focus toward increased customer service. Stay tuned, more to come.

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