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by Jon Schlackl

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This article from The Mender (Issue 1),
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Javascript: Ever wanted to have a "print" button inside your web page so the user doesn't have to use the print button in the browser?? Well, here is a little code that will give it to. This small piece of Javascript invokes the browser's print function directly. Cut and Paste this code for use:

<a href="Javascript:window.print();">PRINT</a>
Note: replace the "PRINT" label with other text or an image for the print button.

Perl: Parsing out the filename and/or path from a string can be tricky, but very useful. Check these out!

$filename =~ s/.*\///;        - isolates filename
$path =~ s/.*\/.*/$1/;        - isolates path
OR to get both:
if($string =~ /.*\/.*/){
   $path = $1;
        $filename = $2;}

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