Backup or Step Back

by Jon Schlackl

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This article from The Mender (Issue 5),
Metamend's Web Site Optimization and Marketing Newsletter.

Data protection is likely the most important consideration for any business, especially on-line businesses. As e-companies are mostly comprised of virtual space, (websites) the bulk of the corporate entity exists as simple files on a computer. If those files were somehow destroyed you would be out of business instantly..... Unless you have a backup of all your files. How those files were destroyed is irrelevant, it's enough that it's possible and could happen.

Implement a backup system. You may think that your hosting company or ISP maintains backups of your website and associated files, however you shouldn't rely on a third party to protect your data. You suffer from its loss, not the hosting company or ISP. Backup solutions such as internal tape drives, CD writers and rewriters are becoming more and more affordable to everyone. Tape drives are large enough to allow you to backup entire hard drives. Plus, most backup software supports network connections, which allow you to backup multiple machines in your network with a single machine.

Just remember how much time it took to foster your idea, collect the data, and build the website. Think what it would feel like to do it all again? A backup system is like home security for your e-business. It lets you sleep at night.

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