Search Engine Optimization Case Study: Jacobs Chuck


Business Description: A division of Danaher (, Jacobs Chuck has manufactured industrial chucks since the 1903. Today, it is a world leader as the only US Manufacturer of industrial chucks.


  • Low on line awareness with their technical audience.
  • Clients were increasingly dependent on the web for identifying solutions.
  • Stagnate web traffic and generating modest search traffic volumes.
  • No web metric implemented to measure referral traffic.
  • Competing on-line with global companies for awareness, mindshare and revenues.


  • Define very business-specific keywords and phrases for generic and specific product searches to base search optimization efforts on.
  • Conduct a full website SEO audit to identify all structural code barriers (i.e. html) and creating on page strategy for targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Audit activity on a monthly basis measuring key performance indicators and providing monthly client progress reports.


Jacobs Chuck Search Traffic
  • An exponential growth rate of over 2x search traffic over a two year period.
  • Significant traffic levels increases from targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Additional traffic from “long tail” keyword combinations.
  • Sales inquiries from relevant customer demographics