Search Engine Optimization Case Study: Go to Louisville


Business Description: is a premier information source about Louisville, Kentucky. The site provides an important service to the tourism industry, offering detailed information on Louisville attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping districts. Before Metamend, was not properly optimized for the most prominent, traffic rich phrases within its vertical, and suffered from a number of other serious site wide issues.


An initial in-depth analysis identified all obstacles preventing from performing higher within the search engines. A comprehensive SEO strategy was executed, and ongoing, month-to-month optimization continues to keep the site in a very competitive position.

Results has experienced a significant ranking increase within the engines since hiring Metamend. The site now sits on the number one spot at Google for the phrase "Louisville Kentucky," and on the number four spot at page one for the term "Louisville."

It currently enjoys top 10 positioning in multiple search engines for numerous phrases.

"Before we hired Metamend, we discovered our site was not positioned well within the engines. We talked with several SEO firms and found Metamend's straight on approach and commitment to customer service quite appealing. There has since been a drastic increase in overall site traffic, and we are very pleased with Metamend’s performance, commitment to results, and customer service." Cindy Holcomb, Web Marketing Administrator, Go to Louisville

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