SEO Case Study: Lightbulb Company UK


Business Description: The LightBulb Company is one of the major light bulb and lamp dealers in the United Kingdom, offering some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Part of its marketing strategy was to develop an online sales channel to help leverage its brick and mortar presence, in order to maximize sales. Unfortunately, prior to Metamend the site was performing poorly in the major search engines for the most traffic rich, competitive keywords and phrases.


In August, 2005, The LightBulb Company hired Metamend to analyze and optimize Metamend executed a thorough content development strategy for the most traffic rich keywords and phrases, and fixed coding errors impeding the search engine bots from properly indexing the site, to help increase search presence.


Formerly, The LightBulb Company ranked above 100 in Google, Yahoo! and MSN for the traffic rich phrase ‘light bulbs’ and above 100(Google), above 100(MSN) and 59(Yahoo!) for the phrase ‘light bulb.’

Within a year, the site has seen a considerable increase in positive page movement. It now has five traffic rich phrases on page one of Google, five traffic rich phrases on page one of MSN, and two traffic rich phrases on page one of Yahoo! Targeted phrase referrals increased 423 percent between February, 2006 and September, 2006.

"We couldn’t be happier with Metamend’s professional, quality Search Marketing service. We joined Metamend in August, 2005; we’re now experiencing more traffic and business than ever, and we’re very excited about what’s in store for the future." Robert Walker, Owner, The LightBulb Company

Google Keywords

light bulbs - #7
light bulb - #8
halogen light bulbs - #7

Yahoo! Keywords

light bulb - #9
specialty light bulbs - #13

MSN Keywords

specialty light bulbs - #1
light bulb - #5
halogen light bulbs - #8