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At Metamend, we understand the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology is a new territory for many. We hope these FAQ pages become a valuable source of information for you. If there are any questions not answered directly by this FAQ, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

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Getting Started:

Getting Started:

How do I get started with Metamend? top
Our SEO Technicians will provide you with a complete written analysis of your site, identifying any key areas which may be impeding the search engines from reading and indexing your website correctly. Once all of the barriers have been identified, we prepare suggestions to fix all the issues. Finally, a report is presented to you and we discuss the findings together. Once we've agreed on the best course of action, our website specialists and SEO professionals go to work on your site and implement all the necessary changes.

Some of the issues covered in the report include:

  • Title Tags, Description Tags and improperly formatted Meta Tags
  • Insufficient or irrelevant textual content
  • Missing or irrelevant ALT text
  • Coding and syntax errors
  • Phrase popularity, alternative term suggestions
  • Barriers to the search engines
  • Link analysis
  • Site navigation and deal link issues
Once all the suggestions in your Website Analysis Report are addressed, we analyze your site once again as a quality control measure and proceed to enter into the ongoing optimization phase of the process.

Do I need to download or install any software? top
No. The core of Metamend's solution is a platform independent, web-based solution. If your site is viewable using a web browser, Metamend can work with it.

I'm a business person, not a technical person. Can I have help signing my site up with Metamend's SEO solution? top
Yes, of course! Metamend has support staff to guide you through the sign-up process. To receive help with the sign-up, please contact our support team.

What is Metamend's "Metamengine?" top
The Metamengine uses the same technology as search engine spiders. Therefore, it sees your web documents in the same manner as a search engine does. This allows Metamend to detect problems that cause errors with the spiders responsible for indexing your documents, and provides the necessary feedback to your site's webmaster.

What happens with my website each month? top

  1. All Metamend client sites are in a monthly cycle for optimization. When your site is next out of the queue, the Metamengine will read the source of your pre-determined target pages via FTP.

  2. The Metamengine will look through your site via HTTP by following all the links on your pages. The Metamengine follows links and obeys all the rules a search engine spider does, such as avoiding secure and password protected directories.

  3. The Metamengine will then generate the optimized meta information.

  4. The newly formatted, search engine friendly meta information is placed into the source code of the pages downloaded.

  5. The optimized pages are hand-checked for quality and uploaded to your website.

  6. Your site is submitted to the search engines.

  7. You are sent a mend-summary email.

What is a "Mend?" top
A mend starts with the Metamengine scanning your site then optimizing it, and ends with your site's submission to the search engines.

How long will it take Metamend to perform my first Mend? top
Once the initial optimization is complete, and we are satisfied that all search engine barriers have been removed, your site will be passed to the final automated portion of our service.

Should I change any of the meta information Metamend has generated for me? top
No. The meta information Metamend generates is based on the content of your website, and is optimized for maximum relevance. If you change terms in your keywords tag you will possibly work against what Metamend is trying to do for your site.

Please Note: The best way to add new keywords, while maintaining relevance, is to have relevant keywords repeated throughout the main body of your site.

Do I need to register my website within the search engines? top
No. Search engine registration is included in our basic package. Metamend will automatically register your newly optimized site with the top search engines as well as dozens of secondary engines and directories within the proper categories.

Please Note: Using third-party search engine submission applications such as Web Position Gold, can seriously harm your overall visibility because your site could be viewed as being over submitted (AKA "search engine spam").

Metamend has agreements and relationships with several search engines that value our optimization process. They will expedite submissions from us because of the high standards of our work. No other website optimization firm in the world can offer this level of service to its clients.

How do I know Metamend's services are working? top
Metamend's initial analysis of your website contains a positioning report based on the website prior to the optimization process. Starting on the second month, you will receive monthly follow up reports that identify any outstanding barriers, as well as a positioning report that contains all data collected from previous months. With these reports you will be able to instantly see your search engine placement and traffic.

Why are some of the keywords Metamend generated for me not what I expected? top
The keywords are formatted for the search engines to read easily, and the tags may be difficult for a human reader to parse. If the list of keywords is not what you were expecting, then it's possible the content of your site needs to be properly enhanced to reflect the terms you wish to see. In other words, if you don't see the keywords you thought you would, they are probably not on your site in enough frequency. It should be noted that we are talking about plain text, not graphic images.

Even though you may have a big logo with your company's name on a page, neither Metamend nor any search engine will index the wording within graphic displays. You must have plain text wording within your pages to derive appropriate keywords. You can use a short description with the 'alt attribute' of 'img' tags to describe images. Remember, our solution is designed just like a search engine spider.

What will Metamend's Monthly Site Map Builder do for my site? top
Metamend's Site Map Builder creates and uploads a web page to your site each month, which contains links to every page on your site. This allows the search engine spiders to navigate easily throughout, so they can index as many pages as possible. This is NOT a doorway page, but a search engine friendly, static HTML web page.

What are 404 Reports and how do I prevent them? top
404 reports let the website operator know of website navigation failures. Metamend will make certain there are no 404's in any targeted web pages, and ensure you are advised of any we find outside of the target pages.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this FAQ page, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

Please read our License Agreement for more information regarding accounting procedures.