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At Metamend, we understand the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology is a new territory for many. We hope these FAQ pages become a valuable source of information for you. If there are any questions not answered directly by this FAQ, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

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Account Administration:

Where is the Member's Area? top
Members are sent a tag report each month, as part of our SEO service. The link to the Metamend Member Login is located within this report. After clicking on this link, you will be prompted for your username and password. You can also access by clicking Member Login.

How do I change my account information? top
From the Metamend Member Login (see Where is the Member's Area above), enter your username and password. Make the necessary changes and click the 'update' button. The changes will be implemented immediately. Use this interface to keep up-to-date information, such as: renamed pages, additional pages, updated hosting information, or updated personal information.

What if I want to change the name of a page, or delete a page that's going to be mended? top
You have to be very careful here. Spiders do not like broken links. Be sure that any links pointing to old pages are removed from the site, and change all the links in your site's documents to reference the new page. This will ensure you preserve the link for visiting spiders. Also, remember to log into the Member Login (see above) and update the file list of pages you want mended.

While updating my website, I overwrote a mended page with an un-mended page. How can I restore the updated tags? top
Metamend's optimization often carries across the content found on the target pages; therefore, we will have backups of all pages prior to the mend process. Please contact us immediately if one or more of your optimized pages has been overwritten.

*Please note: it's important you keep your meta tags on the same line. Your tags are considered formatted incorrectly if there's a line break anywhere other than at the end of the tag. It's also important to maintain the relevance of the keywords tag and paste the proper tags into the right page. This solution is fine unless you have drastically altered the content of the page. In that case, contact us for assistance.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this FAQ page, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

Please read our License Agreement for more information regarding accounting procedures.