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Targeted SEM / SEO business solutions backed by Metamand's proprietary SEM / SEO technology

VICTORIA, BC, March 13, 2006 - Metamend, a Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization firm, is pleased to announce the unveiling of its new services, market segmentation, and website at Metamend's award winning SEM / SEO solutions are effectively positioned to take advantage of the continuing growth in spending on SEM / SEO. Metamend's platform is poised to provide the highest level of Return on Investment and carry onward as an industry leader targeted at the FTN 500.

"Customers are still learning about the web marketing power of SEM and SEO. I believe they will be highly satisfied with our new website and how our offerings address their needs," said Richard Zwicky, President and CEO of Metamend. "Aside from the new interface, we have additional options available for clients and a very recognizable brand."

Metamend now packages more services utilizing Metamend's monitoring capabilities and technologies to meet client requirements for relevant and accurate SEM / SEO services. These solutions are segmented for the needs of Small Business, Professional and Enterprise.

"With online competition greater than ever, saturation levels are driving the requirement for websites to take better advantage of SEO without compromising the brand," said Zwicky. "As a reputable firm, it is important for Metamend to provide the market with a variety of solutions, embracing the best of SEM and SEO."

Metamend also continues to strive as a disseminator SEM / SEO education, by presenting the community with a library of SEM / SEO literature. Apart from links to key industry sources, Metamend indexes a vast collection of in-house written articles, news and blogs.

"And, we will continue to update our educational sources to keep information current and fresh," said Zwicky. "In all of the above respects, we pride ourselves as the best of breed in branding."

About Metamend Software & Design Ltd.
Metamend is a leading SEM / SEO firm, with successful clients in a variety of industry segments located in over 60 countries worldwide.

Metamend's Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization solutions are a popular choice for companies wishing to outsource non-core business services to specialized providers. Metamend offers website optimization services directly to end users, as well as hosting companies and managed service providers via a white label distribution model. Metamend has been recognized by firms such as Microsoft and Sun as the world leader in the field of Search Engine Optimization technology.

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