Online Brand Protection

Metamend can provide state of the art online brand protection monitoring that ranges from the most basic brand protection services to a very detailed and focused brand protection, compliance and fraud solutions. We combine leading technology as well as brand protection expertise to help you proactively, rather than reactively, monitor, manage and most important protect your reputation online.

Reputation Management Solutions

Metamend's user interface or UI reporting portal provides an ease of use management within a fully collaborative environment. You can track and archive records, assign enforcement tasks, auto-generate, store, use Cease and Desist (and other communication templates), maintain detailed enforcement history, and create customized workflow reporting, all within our secure environment.

Our online-monitoring technology crawls, scans and prioritizes all online Internet content in real time 24/7 to report any occurrences of online reputation infringements and/or abuse. Industry leading analysts will collect, organize and prioritize the content to provide strongly filtered, fully actionable results, allowing you to focus your resources on those abuses causing your "reputation" or brand the most harm.

Learn about Reputation Management (17min MP3 stream) from David Howell on on managing your online reputation. Or Contact Us for a GAP Analysis.

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