Fraud Investigation

Introduction to Internet Fraud Investigations

Online fraud such as Identity theft, phishing attacks and malware software, are the "tools of choice" for criminals online. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft affects more than 10 million people each year in the United States alone.

To fully address the ongoing fraud threat you need a proactive digital solution that can help you quickly identify, shut down and recover online fraud that misleads customers through fraudulent use of their costly branded reputation.

These attempts often come in the form of published and active Web page set on spoofing "real" sites or fraudulent sites that use the reputation of brands from major household names to coerce customers into entering their information online.

Hijacked Brands By Month - In December, the APWG saw a fall of more than 19 percent of the numbers of hijacked brands co-opted in phishing attacks, dropping to 144 - still above the mean for the previous 12 months.

Hijacked Industries by Month

Most Targeted Industry Sectors in December 2007 - In December's, APWG saw new attacks on the national tax revenue agencies in the United States, Australia and the UK and, at the same time, previously untargeted segments, such as motorists associations.

Most Targeted Industry Sectors - Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud Investigation Services

The Metamend’s Online Brand Protection provides you with a proactive strategy to this growing problem. With 24x7 monitoring of billions of Web pages, domain names and spam email, the Metamend's solution uncovers Web sites attempting to steal the identity from your customers within hours of their launch online.

Learn about Reputation Management (launches default media player) from David Howell on on managing your online reputation. Or Contact Us for a GAP Analysis.

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