Search Engine Marketing

Does your company have a Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

Why does your company have a web site? What does your company do with it? Does your web site operate under an organized Internet Marketing strategy geared for the vertical it resides in? If not, it should.

A Search Engine Marketing strategy is a basic requirement for online success!

Think about it - most companies today have web sites. The successful ones properly market their web properties to facilitate customer acquisition, increase customer base, and improve customer retention rates.

The Internet is fast becoming THE primary medium for marketers over traditional methods such as print and television. The proper use of Search Engine Marketing will put the word out" about your products, services and offerings, producing a significant return on investment. It will also place your company in a defining role as an expert in the field, by offering important online resources to clients such as frequently asked questions, how to tips, and other educational materials.

Metamend is at the cutting edge of Search Engine Marketing strategies. We will help you!


Need a turnkey solution for Internet marketing?

Metamend builds winning strategies!

Do you want more sales leads, online sales, email addresses or traffic?

Metamend focuses on measurable improvements that you care about!

Our account management team will find the creative solution for your business. Our team is flexible and will work through a process that best fits how you work.

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Metamend's SEM services include:
  • Pay Per Click
  • Bid Management
  • Keyword Development
  • Creative Copy and Landing Pages
  • Enquiste Metrics & Reporting
  • In-House Expertise with our SEO Experts