Link Building Service

SEO Services for Backlink Improvement

Link building is one of the most important facets of an internet marketing strategy. The web page ranking algorithms of the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Live) all rely heavily on the measurement of incoming links, commonly called backlinks, when judging the relevancy and importance of a web page or site.

Gaining backlinks to a website, or link building, is a difficult and often tedious exercise but the positive results from a well planned backlinks program make the effort more than worthwhile. A successful search engine optimization campaign includes the development of relevant incoming links. Because search engines are highly sensitive to manipulation of their rankings, there are several guidelines to follow when pursuing backlinks during your link building campaign.


Metamend will focus on four main back link building strategies:

  • Link upgrades
  • Organic Link Acquisition
  • Directory Submission
  • Future Linking Guidelines

BackLink Upgrades:

Metamend will identify all current links that are pointing to your site from other websites. Based on this list Metamend will identify all backlinks that have room for improvement.

Metamend will provide a custom solution for:

  • General body text surrounding the link (up to three variations)
  • Linking Text (up to three variations)
  • Link Title (up to three variations)
  • Destination pages (up to ten variations)

Organic Link Acquisition

Organic Link Acquisition is just like fishing. You publish an article, develop a tool set or release educational content and set it free on the web. The goal is to have other website owners pick up on the content or resource as fresh and interesting and place link to it from their sites. The trick is providing useful, relevant content to link to.

Metamend will provide the following organic link building services:

  • Recommended article topics
  • Existing resources on your site
  • Report on your competitor backlinks
  • Provide new and innovative ways to acquire backlinks within your industry

Directory Submission

Web Directory submission forms part of a link building service and can help you with the important task of submitting your website to directories that are valued by the major search engines. There are 2 types of submission services available; automated and manual.

An automated service uses a script to visit the directory and tries to submit the site into an appropriate category. Directory owners despise these services and use anti-spam technologies such as image-text validation such to prevent their use.

A manual submission service visits each web directory and submits your site to the most appropriate category. We use our vast knowledge of the various directories to offer a quality, cost effective manual submission service.

Metamend’s Directory Submission service will provide the following to aid in link building:

  • A list of the top ten relevant directories
  • Submission of your site to the directories (please note: some directories require submission fees)

Future Link Building Guidelines

Metamend will develop a "Back Linking Policy Manual" for your future link building efforts. The guidelines for backlinks will include:

  • The type of sites not to link to and not to receive backlinks from
  • The optimal body text surrounding your backlinks
  • The best linking, or anchor text to use in the link
  • Link title-tag suggestions
  • Destination pages
  • Outbound linking policies
  • Deep link ratio