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Choosing the right SEO, or search engine optimization firm, is a very important venture for your online marketing strategy. In order for your site to be found by the search engines, it needs to be properly optimized, maintained, and tuned on a regular basisa good, reputable SEO service will provide you with this. But choosing the right SEO service can be a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the territory. How do you choose the right SEO company and what do you look for? What is the difference between SEO and search engine marketing, or SEM?

The importance of an SEO service cannot be understated. Without proper search engine optimization a website is either dead in the water or is constantly treading and waving its small arms in a vast ocean, hoping to be noticed. Search engine optimization is a vital process geared to helping websites achieve maximum exposure within the search engines, and maximum exposure means more prospective traffic driven to your site. The more traffic driven to your site, the more potential you have to showcase your products and services, increasing your sales and revenues. A respectable SEO service will make certain your website achieves this maximum exposure.

A good SEO company will start by performing an analysis on your site, providing you with a Website Analysis Report. This report will identify all key areas hampering spiders from properly reading and indexing your pages. It will analyze page design, functionality and content. Proper web site design and functionality is not only important to spiders, it’s also important to human indexers, who subjectively analyze and select pages to add to their directories. Poorly laid out websites with irrelevant content will more than likely be bypassed.

After an analysis is performed, the SEO firm will optimize your site for its key messages, by implementing the appropriate keywords and key phrases within the site’s content, so that it maintains a high position within the search engines. An SEO company may also provide an off page optimization linking strategy for your site. Links can play a large part in website optimization, but your site should not be linked to just any site. Linked sites should be relevant to one another and have a similar theme. However, linking strategies have become much more difficult over the last few months, and are no longer a required part of the SEO package. A linking strategy and campaign is now a long term strategy, independent from the on-page nature of an SEO service. At Metamend, we don’t bundle linking campaigns into our packages. This is due to the fact that they are slow, tedious, and a specialty unto themselves. Also, Google has modified all of their link algorithms, and the age of a link now counts. Moreover, if you get too many links too quickly, it CAN (but not always) weigh against you. This is because Google MAY review a site & links that are expanding quickly, and subjectively judge whether that growth in links is natural, or whether it is artificial in some way.

A reliable SEO service does not stop with the above functions. If it does, you are not receiving the service you should be. A good SEO company will make certain optimization is an ongoing process, not a one time deal. They will provide continuing customer support and monthly maintenance, so that your website is always up-to-date with the latest search engine trends and algorithms. As technology is constantly changing, websites require constant search engine optimization tweaking.

Moreover, a reputable SEO firm will not exploit loopholes that take advantage of search engine algorithms. Instead, they will provide long term solutions that coincide with search engine rules and regulations. Exploiting loopholes might get your web site noticed in the short term, but this will not provide long term results, and an engine such as Google will remove sites from its indexes that violate these rules.