Search Engine Optimization

Accoona search (name derived from the Swahili phrase Hakuna Matata, which means “don’t worry be happy”) was founded in February, 2004, but officially entered the search market in December, 2004, targeting the United States and China. Within a year after its official launch, Accoona began making refinements and introduced its enhanced AI technologies (patented with over 650 claims) on March 8th, 2006.

Accoona at a Glance:

Accoona offers a clean interface with plenty of white space to keeps things simple. There are three ways to search Accoona, including ‘Web’ (standard search), ‘Business’ and ‘News.’ All three methods clearly display sponsored results within the SERP.

News search allows you to sort by relevance and date; while Business lets you sort by relevance and company size. Business search also supports an ‘INFO’ button at the left of each listing, which takes you to a summary page about a company. Data on this page includes contact information, the company’s annual sales volume and the company’s size.

Accoona claims to have a superior edge over other engines with its artificial intelligence algorithms. More specifically, keywords submitted in the search bar will not just return pages matching those keywords. Accoona claims to read and understand the meanings behind each word, to obtain even more relevant results. For example, if you enter and submit the two word query ‘car NY,’ Accoona will return a list with other words that mean car, such as auto and automobile. It will also automatically interpret NY to be short for New York.

Each search method also supports Accoona’s SuperTarget Your SearchTM AI technology. With this outstanding feature, you can really dig deep to refine your searches by making selections under various drop down menus. For example, under News are the following drop down menus:

  • When Published – The date the piece was published, right up to the hour
  • The Publisher – Huge list of publishers
  • Companies Mentioned – Huge list of companies
  • Country
  • State
  • People search – Popular people (celebrities etc)
  • Language
  • Media Category – The medium it was published by, such as pdf, txt or video



Accoona is backed by private investors; however, one of the investors is China Daily Information Company, an official Chinese Government agency. In fact, Accoona has a 20-year exclusive agreement with the China Daily Information Company as the official search provider for

Accoona crawls the web to add sites to its index, but also allows for site submissions via its Submit Your Site section.