Lycos Portal Search Engine Optimization

Lycos is a portal as well as a search engine. Lycos no longer maintains its own search index—instead it gathers results from FAST and DMOZ -the Open Directory Project. However, because of its portal, and strong presence in the European market, it remains a favorite search engine for many Internet users. Launched in 1994, Lycos began life as a crawling search engine. As its focus shifted from purely providing search results to functioning as a complete Internet portal, Lycos bought several other Internet websites and online communities, now known as the Lycos Network.

In 1998 Lycos purchased one of its primary competitors, the popular search engine HotBot. Lycos decided to run HotBot as a separate search service, but integrated some of its sites into HotBot’s results. In the year 2000, Lycos merged with Terra Networks, and became known as Terra Lycos. It also announced it had retired its own crawler in favor of results gathered from FAST, and announced that Open Directory Project would be its directory provider.

Lycos has a fairly complex set of partnerships. While the majority of its results come from FAST, it also taps into the following:

  • Overture– Overture provides the top three results for a given search. These appear under the heading “Featured Listings” or “Products and Services.”
  • FAST – FAST provides the majority of search results in the category called “Web Results.”
  • DMOZ– The Open Directory Project – If the Open Directory Project has categories relating to the search term, their results will appear next.

Whether or not you are a Metamend client, if you would like to subscribe for an express listing in Lycos, and other engines powered by FAST, we have built a client interface to allow you to subscribe in one spot for some of the services. Please visit our Pay for Inclusion Search Engine Signup Form. Always remember that with Pay for Inclusion search engines, paying is only half the battle. They still require that your web site be properly optimized.

Lycos, and the Terra Lycos Network has a local presence in the following markets:


  • – Austria
  • Belgium
  • – Denmark
  • – Germany
  • – France
  • – Italy
  • – Netherlands
  • – Norway
  • – Russia
  • – Spain
  • – Sweden
  • – Switzerland
  • – United Kingdom

Central America

  • – Caribbean
  • – Costa Rica
  • – El Salvador
  • – Guatemala
  • – Honduras
  • – Nicaragua
  • – Panama
  • – Dominican Republic

South America

  • – Argentina
  • – Brazil
  • – Chile
  • – Colombia
  • – Peru
  • – Uruguay
  • – Venezuela

North America

  • – Mexico
  • – USA


  • – China
  • – Hong Kong
  • – India
  • – Indonesia
  • – Japan
  • – Malaysia
  • – Philippines
  • – Singapore
  • – Southeast Asia
  • – Taiwan
  • – Thailand