Engine and Directory SEO Service Advice is owned by CNET, and was launched back in 1996, along with the other CNET web properties, and CNET headquarters are based out of San Francisco, California. is a multifaceted search site that offers a combination of search methods, such as metasearch, directory search and comparison shopping. As a metasearch engine, does not maintain its own stand alone index. Instead, it crawls well know search engines such as Google, AltaVista, Wisenut and Ask Jeeves. It does not accept website submissions. In order to be found and well placed at, your website should be optimized by a reputable SEO service, and submitted to the search engines it obtains its results from.’s directory results come from the DMOZ, or Open Directory Project, while its shopping information stems from Amazon, Epinions, HSN,, and mySimon. Moreover, offers a huge assortment of specialty search sections, with topics such as Blog Search, Gaming and Health. Under all of’s search sections, users have the option of selecting from a list of specific sites to obtain results by. For example, under Blog Search users can select Bloglines, Feedster, Findory, Technorati, ZDNet Blogs and

More Features :

Related Searches: A box that contains search terms related to a user’s initial query is located near the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This can be used to narrow down or broaden a search.

  • New Window: In preferences, you can set your search results open in a new window.
  • Custom Colors: In preferences, you can customize your search page by choosing from one of five pre-defined colors.
  • Show Thumbnails : In preferences, you can set to view small snapshot previews of sites within the SERP. These are located to the left of the page.


  • Search Time: The exact amount of time it took to complete a search is listed at the bottom of the SERP. For example, a search on U2 took us 0.6263 seconds.