Metamend is Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified!

In today’s online environment inbound marketing is a powerful tool to reach prospective customers and lead them through your sales funnel.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound is all about creating and sharing valuable, useful content with the world. This marketing strategy promotes a company or business through website content rather than through cold calling or advertisement. Inbound marketing uses blogs, ebooks, podcasts, webinars, newsletter, whitepapers, social media marketing and other forms of online content to attract customers and lead them through the different stages of the purchase funnel or buyer’s journey.

Inbound marketing brings visitors into a website, rather than marketers or sales teams having to go out to attract potential customers’ attention. It uses interesting content to make a business easy to find online with SEO optimized content assets.

By creating content that appeals to your specific target customer groups or buyer personas, you attract qualified leads to your business and keep them coming back until they make a purchase.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology

The Hubspot Inbound Methodology works around the following principles to draw leads through the purchase funnel:

Hubspot Inbound Methodology


Attracting the right traffic to your website is the key to inbound marketing. We want to bring visitors who are most likely to become leads and ultimately customers. We create purchaser profiles or buyer personas around the ideal customer. Buyer personas involve identifying a combination of personal demographics, goals, challenges, pain points and common objections to products and services. These personas are what an inbound marketing strategy is built around. Tools used in the attraction stage of the process to attract the right users to your site include blogging, SEO, pages and social media publishing.


Once we have attracted the right audience to a website, the next step is to convert them into leads. At this stage this means collecting their contact information, usually in the form of an email address at the very least. In order to convince a user to give up their email address, we need to offer something in return. This offer comes in the form of content such as an ebook, webinar, tips sheet or whitepapers. Ensure that this content is interesting and valuable to the buyer persona you are trying to attract. If you have more than one buyer persona, you will need appropriate offers for each one. Tools used to convert visitors include forms, calls-to-action (CTA), landing pages and contact lists.


You’ve hit the closing stage of the inbound marketing process when your attracted the right visitors and converted them to leads. In the closing stage you will transform those leads into customers. This is most effectively accomplished with the use of some or all of the following tools: a CRM (customer relationship management system), closed-loop reporting, email and marketing automation.


The job is not done just because you have closed a sale and received payment. The inbound methodology is all about providing outstanding content to users, no matter what stage of the process they are in. Just because someone is now a customer, doesn’t mean you should sign off and forget about them. You should continue interacting and engaging with them to delight them with the intention of (hopefully) up-selling them and turning them into promoters of your company, products and services. Useful tools in this stage include surveys, smart CTAs, smart content and smart monitoring.

Inbound marketing covers each step of the buyer’s journey as a visitor travels down the road from stranger to your company to customer. Inbound marketing doesn’t just happen, you need to work at it and constantly test and tweak the content and landing pages. By using the methodology and recommended tools you can create and deliver content that appeals to the right people at their particular stage in the buyer’s journey at the right time.

Metamend is Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified Hubspot Inbound Certified

We are proud to announce that Metamend is now Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified! We offer consulting and professional services to enterprise businesses that need assistance to get started or are looking for a team to manage their content and inbound marketing strategies. Call us today to inquire about how Inbound Marketing can help your business.