Real Advice, Lowest Rates, No Fees. Seriously!

Mortgage Brokers, Victoria BC We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great service to get a great rate. That’s why David started Olympic Mortgages. David wanted to be different, to break the mortgage mold. Getting you a super low rate is important, and we do that! Working with someone who gets the job done right, and on time?

Even better! Our Perspective Is Different.

Why fixed vs variable doesn’t even matter (and what does), and why equity line of credits are marketing ploys to get you to pay higher interest; these are topics we’re challenging the norms on everyday. We take all this knowledge, and use it to strategize your plan. We’re talking real answers. Real advice. Not just the fluff.

Our Service Promise

You’re not just a number to us.

We know how important your mortgage is to you. Our service promise gives you real actions that you can expect from us. Kind of like a Gentleman’s contract.

Covered By Our Service Promise:
  • We give you regular updates on your application, and keep you in the know. Nothing worse than being in the dark!
  • We actually answer our phones, or at the very least call you back promptly!
  • We explain things to you in easy to understand terms. We aren’t satisfied if you don’t understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.
  • We will always discuss your options with you – we won’t make executive decisions without your approval!
  • We will keep you well informed on when you’re approved, what documents you’ll need, and how to get them.