Metamend got its start back in the days when Alta Vista, Dogpile and Ask Jeeves were big players, and Google was in its infancy. That was 1998.

Back then, we were primarily a software company, focused on developing automated software that would enable anyone to compete online. While Metamend was successful in acquiring hundreds of customers through this platform, and there was continued demand for it, we learned our customers needed more support than we could provide at such a low cost, so we decided to move to the agency model.

We learned many more valuable lessons over the ensuing years, and have cultivated not only a successful business model that focuses on customer support, but also one that fosters an exciting work culture with happy, knowledgeable staff. We believe that if you treat your staff well, they will in turn treat your customers well. This philosophy has enabled us to not only grow, but also stay nimble enough to stay current on the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Fast forwarding to now, Metamend is full-service, digital marketing agency capable of generating substantial return on investment for anyone from enterprise Fortune 500 multinational companies, to smaller local organizations looking to grow their business over time.

At Metamend we’re extremely proud of our staff, our clients and thriving for over 20 years in the digital marketing space.

Senior Management Team

Todd Hooge


With over 20 years of experience managing tech-firms, Todd’s mixture of experience and entrepreneurialism add to his reputation as one of the quiet innovators in the search marketing sector.

Google Partner
Matthew Bowes


For Matthew it has always been about providing transparent, unbiased advice on what is working now and what will sustain your marketing initiatives in the future.

Google Partner

Teamwork makes the difference.

Different campaigns need different tools. We’re data driven digital marketing leaders trained to identify SEO techniques that get you results. We dedicate 100% of our resources to executing and scaling our techniques to work for you.

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What We've Done

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The Future

Although Metamend has been growing for over 20 years, we don’t take anything for granted. We are constantly seeking out new ideas, raw talent and unique tools to help us get a little closer to our goal to be thought leaders in the digital marketing industry.

Some of our core philosophies:

Change is inevitable. The staff at Metamend embrace this reality. In the world of digital marketing, staying on top of new developments is not only pivotal to our own survival, but it’s also essential for the success of our clients.

Learn to grow. We also provision time each day for each team member to research and try new ideas, correlate data and test theories.

Discuss and question. The digital marketing landscape has no shortage of self-proclaimed experts. An average day at Metamend can be quite “entertaining”, as our team is constantly questioning what the best approach is for our clients.

Focus on results. At the end of the day, we want results and so do our clients. We never lose sight of this.

Transparency is a bridge. There is no magic bullet when developing strong relationships. Effective communication, honesty and integrity have been and continue to be our core toolset for growth – both internally and with our clients.


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