is a classifieds directory with presence in Canada, the US and the United Kingdom.

It’s main objective when partnering with Metamend was to increase traffic to their web properties at the lowest cost possible.

The Process

Metamend was given the task of increasing paid traffic at a lower cost per click on two specific markets.

Keyword Research

Extensive Keyword research was done and a list of relevant keywords was correctly divided into ad groups by theme and landing page.

Ad Copy

Relevant ad copy was created for each ad group and these actions resulted in improved quality scores for all relevant keywords.

Lower Bid Limits

An improved quality score decreases the bid amount necessary for an impression and the cost per each click. This in turn allows us to set a lower limit for each bid than before.

The Result

Metamend significantly increased the daily number of clicks received at a much lower cost per click.


In one market the cost per click was reduced from $0.46 to 0.17 cents from quarter 3, 2016 to quarter 4, 2016 while maintaining the same number of daily clicks. This gave the confidence of tripling its daily budget and with the campaign currently at a cost per click of $.08 (80% decrease in cost per click) traffic has quadrupled going from 9576 clicks in Q4, 2016 to 38,282 in Q 4 , 2017.

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