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Our Traffic Sources

How Our Process Works

1. Discovery

Every business is different. That’s why Metamend’s first action is to learn our client’s objectives and the status of any existing campaigns. During this process, Metamend may:

  • Meet with the client to discuss key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Review any existing campaigns
  • Discuss and outline client roles, responsibilities and timelines
  • Review proposed ad content and landing pages and suggest improvements

2. Strategy

Once the discovery phase is complete then Metamend will take the data that has been gathered and use it to compile an appropriate strategy.

  • Is Facebook a suitable platform?
  • What types of AdWords campaigns will be used?
  • Is YouTube an option?

Depending on the client’s objectives and content availability, Metamend will compile a strategy that will meet the client’s objectives while working within any boundaries with regard to content, budget and any other resource constraints.

4. Review & Improve

Once a campaign is up and running, Metamend will closely monitor its progress. Using a combination of reporting from AdWords, Google Analytics and other tools, we track a campaign’s progress against the agreed objectives and KPIs. Even when a campaign is meeting objectives that doesn’t mean that we settle into cruise mode!

Thanks to a comprehensive review process, we’re always looking for what can continue to be improved. With every change we go back into the implementation, review and improve loop. So while your competitors may be content to set up and sit back, we’re always working to find new opportunities for your business.

See how we helped a global engineering giant WSP
expand to Canada through Programmatic Advertising

A Strategy for Every Business

What we value in Paid Advertising

Metamend is a Google Premiere Partner & Bing Select Partner

As a result of our expertise, number of clients and the client’s monthly spend, Metamend is proud to have been awarded Google Premier Partner and Bing Select Partner status. It’s also a sign to our clients that Metamend is trusted by the major search engines and has the capability to successfully carry out PPC marketing.

Only certified analysts working on your account

All of our employees are Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified. Metamend also has staff with up to 15 years PPC experience – so you know you’re in safe hands. Absolutely none of our work is outsourced and the maximum number of chargeable hours an analyst can log in one day is 5.5. We know that no-one can be at 100% for 8 hours a day – so why should a client pay for work that isn’t 100%?

All Paid Advertising is Focused on Conversions

At the end of the day, most businesses are there to make money – and Metamend’s focus is always on conversions that will provide bottom line profit to a business. Whether it’s a purchase on an e-commerce site or email capture on a B2B site, the main metric (often the only metric) we focus on in any campaign is the number of conversions at an appropriate cost. You won’t get any fluff from us on number of impressions or audience size (although you can have them if you want them!) – it’s always the bottom line.

Fees Based on Actual Work – Not Percentage of Spend

Historically, a lot of PPC Agencies charged their clients a percentage of the amount of their monthly spend – typically around 15%. So, for example, if you were spending $100,000 a month then your fee was $15,000 – irrespective of the number of actual hours being used by the agency. A long time ago Metamend decided this was an unfair way of charging and switched to actual hours spent – a much fairer way of charging

We love what we do

We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and we don’t plan to stop. Marketing is our passion, and each client brings in a new challenge and opportunity for us to demonstrate our value.