SeaFirst Insurance is a private broker specializing in tailored policies for business, home, marine and more.

Having served its local community for over 40 years, SeaFirst approached Metamend with the goal of raising its brand’s profile across Western Canada.

The Process

To improve their visibility as a private insurance brokerage, the Metamend team focused on increasing organic traffic to the SeaFirst website via content creation and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To improve SeaFirst’s rankings, we optimized webpage function to improve speed and accessibility, making the site more search engine (and user!) friendly.

Content Ideation

After Examining search trends, we compiled a list of topics most likely to drive users to the SeaFirst website, then created content and pages focusing on these areas

Blog Creation

We breathed new life into the SeaFirst blog, posting informative content for high-interest insurance topics that could rank in search results.

The Result

A More Efficient Website

Working with SeaFirst’s web development team, the website was updated to decrease page download time by nearly 20%. In turn this improved SeaFirst’s overall ranking factor on Google, making their site more likely to appear in user searches.

Improved Organic Visits

With their website now able to perform better in Google Search Results, SeaFirst’s organic traffic saw a 136% year over year increase thanks to topic targeted pages and quality content to attract new site visitors.

Increased Conversions

As site traffic increased, so did SeaFirst’s conversion rate – jumping to an impressive 49%. Overall conversions increased by 251% year over year.

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