WSP is a globally-recognized professional services firm employing approximately 42,000 people.

 With a focus on engineering and project management, WSP is one of the biggest firms in their field in North America.

The Process

To improve their visibility in a competitive online space, the Metamend team focused on increasing paid search traffic through a Google AdWords text search campaign that provided 27,725 visitors over a 2.5 months period.

Keyword Research

We conducted Keyword Research on all of WSP’s business lines. Creating a relevant keyword list for each one. These Keywords were reviewed by WSP’s team and after they were approved we began constructing a text search campaign around them.

Correct Campaign and AD Group segmentation.

Once the keywords were approved and ranked for relevance, we separated them into campaigns depending the business line they belonged to. Once the campaigns were set, each business line was further segmented into different ad groups that included no more than 8 semantically related Keywords. This allowed us to create ad copy that matched seamlessly with each group of keywords, improving our quality score and decreasing our CPC.

Continuous Monitoring

After creating a solid foundation, we continued to monitor WSP’s paid search campaign keyword bids and continuously optimized their campaign.

The Results


A major objective for WSP was to receive as much traffic as possible within a pre-set budget. Our process made this possible and we were able to maximize WSP’s budget with an average CPC of $2.74 in a very competitive industry.

Increased traffic and brand awareness

A low CPC allowed us to maximize impressions and website visits within a preset budget. The campaign received 27,725 clicks and 707,491 impressions in Canada for a 75 days period.

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