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How Our Process Works

1. Discovery

The first step is to investigate your company’s service offering. Whether it be eCommerce products, a SAAS product or a service, we immerse ourselves in your company to define your website’s conversion points. This gets us working with the mindset that we are an extension of your internal marketing department, rather than an outsourced agency. We work to develop customer profiles and determine the pain points they experience throughout the buying process. This will often influence your team to evaluate what is most important and drive some important internal conversation around your company objectives. Defining which actions drive profit helps us build out the strategy.

2. Set Baselines

Once your goals have been clearly defined, we need to determine how well your existing marketing efforts have been converting. We will build reports and set up necessary tracking to mark improvements and gauge how well each piece of our strategy performs. If we are working with new goals, then we work with your developer team to implement the necessary functionality on your website.

3. Build Strategy

With goals and baselines set, we can build a strategy to maximize conversion rates. This will include which traffic sources to use, which audiences to target, how much budget is necessary and what website resources will be used. We do a comprehensive site review and deliver our recommendations for improved load time, CTA placement/design/copy, headline/tagline copy, shopping cart flow, email capture, etc. Our conversion optimization strategies come packaged with a detailed outline and task list to be used in the implementation phase.

4. Implementation

Throughout the implementation phase we work closely with your web development team to implement website updates while building out the traffic, targeting and budget infrastructure on the chosen platforms.

Some of our favourite conversion optimization tools include


See how we increased Baggins Shoes’
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A Strategy for Every Business

What we value in Conversion Optmization

Certified technicians on your account daily

All our technicians are, at the very least, Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified. We pay our staff well and we don’t outsource, so an hour on your account is always an hour we would sell to family member. When on a conversion optimization contract, we are looking at our tools and stats and tweaking daily to get the most out of your budget.

Conversion optimization strategy laser focused on your bottom line

The only thing that matters to us is conversions. We are not overly concerned with traffic numbers, cost per click, or anything that doesn’t show a positive ROI for you. We provide results-based reporting that proves our value to you each month.

Incorporating the latest technology

Our team is constantly learning. There are new tools, reports and research coming out all the time that help us learn and improve our service offering. We employ technicians that are excited about digital marketing and who are keen to implement the latest techniques. Digital marketing for ecommerce, SAAS and service-based businesses is an ever-changing environment, so our strategies and the tools we use change with the times.

Constant tweaking

The beauty of conversion optimization is that it is never complete. There is always something that can be done to improve conversion rates on a website. If we’re not tweaking the website, we’re tweaking the traffic sources and campaigns that provide users.

Low hanging fruit first

When we build out a strategy, we take in to account the time and resources necessary to complete a task. Based on this, we build our project plans with an emphasis on the tasks that will bring the bang for your buck.

Win-win scenario

If you win, we win. We will only keep our contract for as long as we are providing results. This means that we are proving our value month in and month out. There is no time to rest on the successes of previous wins with conversion optimization, as the money you spend with us needs to provide a positive ROI throughout our relationship. This gives us the motivation to keep things moving in the right direction at all times.

We love what we do.

We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and we don’t plan to stop. Marketing is our passion, and each client brings in a new challenge and opportunity for us to demonstrate our value.