Home Depot Canada (homedepot.ca) is the online e-commerce platform for the retail giant.

The website includes millions of pages, categories and products. The Home Depot, through a web agency that we work closely with, contacted us for some analytics and SEO help.

The Process

To help manage a site of this size, considerable SEO and analytics strategy needs to be in place. We consulted on best practices and gave specific recommendations to aid in a re-launch of the e-commerce platform.

Website Audit

We performed a high-level website audit of the newly launched e-commerce site. This allowed us to find and present the most pressing SEO issues. We gave the client a detailed and prioritized list of recommendations to improve rankings and organic traffic.


An e-commerce platform such as this needs an intricate analytics set up with full tracking and reporting. We provided a full step-by-step guide for ensuring that Google Analytics could handle tracking and deliver reports based in client KPI’s.

Search Engine Optimization

Duplicate content was the biggest issue facing the site. We provided a plan to ensure that products in multiple categories and multiple languages were unique to avoid cannibalization of rankings and traffic. We also provided meta tag templates for all categories and product pages.

The Result

Top-ranking Product and Category Pages

With a brand as strong as Home Depot, when technical SEO is done correctly in conjunction with proper meta tags and onsite content, it’s a cinch to gain top rankings. Since the technical clean up and launch of the new e-commerce platform, the Home Depot Canada website has gained even more top placements in Google for high value keywords that drive traffic to their category and product pages.

Better Tracking and Reporting

Tracking conversions is one thing. But tracking revenue, lifetime value of a customer, conversion rates and other main KPI’s along with detailed weekly reporting all within a free tool (Google Analytics) provides a whole new world of actionable data.

A Plan for the Future

Our website audits provide a prioritized strategy that can keep web developers and internal marketing teams busy for years. With large websites, not everything is possible to implement right away. That’s why we provide 70+ page audits with a roadmap for the future based on impact and resources needed.

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