Tech Tips – FrontPage and Metamend

If you are a web developer or site operator who uses Microsoft FrontPage to modify and update your website then you may be overwriting the optimization work that Metamend performs each month. Luckily we have developed a remedy for the problem – a Metamend FrontPage Add-In.

The Metamend FrontPage Add-In combines Metamend search engine optimization technology with the FrontPage’s simple-to-use interface to guarantee your web pages stay optimized. The Add-In modifies the existing “Publish” feature within FrontPage. When the “Publish” button is clicked, typically FrontPage uploads any documents that have changed on your local system since the last publish to the specified website/server. However, with the new Metamend Add-In installed, FrontPage will query the server for any “new” Metamend optimization information, download it if necessary, and automatically optimize your HTML pages as they are being uploaded by FrontPage – Yes, we said Automatically!

All the necessary Metamend optimization information is stored inside a “metamend” directory that is created and maintained by the Metamend solution. You MUST be a Metamend client in order to take advantage of the features of this Add-In. Metamend has just released the BETA version and we’re looking for testers. We expect to release the Add-In to all Metamend clients in July 2002.

If you are a Metamend client and use Microsoft FrontPage to manage your website you should contact our support department at [email protected]for a free BETA version of the Add-In.