Marketing in the Downturn Times

World events of the past few weeks have left us all feeling hollow. Something has definitely changed. People just don’t think the same way anymore. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. The phone rings less, even the “spam” had slowed to a trickle. Business is in slow motion. Returning to a regular cycle will take much, much, longer.

Owning and marketing a business during transitional or down times can be a tremendous challenge. Indeed, keeping your business afloat may become a major priority for many. Often the first things to go when scrutinizing possible budget changes or considering downsizing your business are the marketing and advertising activities. They are the easiest cuts to mentally justify because you probably think no one is interested right now. On the contrary, now could be your busiest time.

Everyone is going through the same transition period together. Because the downturn is equally shared throughout many industry sectors business people are seeking new ways and new partners to market products and services. They may be very receptive to any potential new sources of revenue during this time, so it may be a good time to approach with good join-marketing ideas.


Everyone needs to hear and see more than their average share of good news these days. News which is positive and encouraging. News which looks on the sunny-side of life, will shine like a beacon through the doom and gloom. It will get read. Use encouraging and positive phrases in your press releases and advertising.

Spirit of Giving

People have an intrinsic spirit of giving and sharing, volunteering, donating and basically doing anything they can to help out during times of crisis. Business and corporate entities also contribute by various ways and means. By donating goods and/or services your company develops a “good neighbor” persona. Join with other business in your community and start a fund-raising event. Become a sponsor. Donate a percentage of each item sold to the cause.

Marketing during downturn times can be a very positive experience for your company plus provide a very valuable service to those which need some positive news right now. This is not taking unfair advantage, on the contrary, marketing honestly during these times can often help others with the healing process. You take care and take care of each other.