Marketing – You Never Know Who’s Out There

Sometimes as with all jobs from time-to-time, it can seem like you’re stuck in a rut, that nothing you are doing is making any difference. Your marketing efforts seem to be going out into the big void of cyberspace and dissipating into the ether never to be heard from again. Then you get a surprise. Someone you spoke with months ago suddenly calls and wants more information. A publication you’ve been trying to get an article about your business into is now, (after a years worth of press releases) wishing an interview. Persistence pays off in marketing. So does repetition.

I got a call the other day from a person who heard me as a guest speaker almost a year ago, at a convention in California. He said my words really stuck with him and he’s now finally ready to get his website online and was contacting me for marketing advice. The longevity of a single marketing effort may surprise you, they can have a very long-lasting effect. Not everything moves at lightening speed. Sometimes it takes months for the message to sink in, but it does eventually sink in.

You never know who is out there or who has read your material or remembers hearing about you. Maybe they found out about you from an old issue of a magazine or through Usenet archives from years ago. Be encouraged by this marketing longevity and keep putting those messages out there. Every effort you make contributes to the overall picture. Your efforts are not in vain. Approach your marketing like a long term investment, not a short get-rich scheme. It’ll pay off over time, if you keep investing in it.