Marketing Your Website –  Targeting Customers Part 2

Where are all the Customers? In the first part of this article (last issue) we discussed how to target your customers. (quick review) Ask yourself these questions. Who is interested in my product or service? How old are they? Where do they live? Are they Male or Female? Are they individuals or businesses? What price range can they afford? I will assume you now have the answers to these important questions, so let’s move on to part two.

Where are they?
No matter what type of marketing you do for your site, the goal is the same. Finding customers. Where the heck are they anyway? How do you find them and invite them to partake in your goods and services? Obviously they are on the Internet, but where?

Some potential customers come to you via a search engine, others are random surfers who find your site by accident, but the best ones are those you invite. They are “pre-qualified.” They already share your common interests! This type of visitor is much more likely to purchase from you, if you can fulfill their needs. So where and how do you start to look for these pre qualified folks? On the Internet, where else? has over 150 free e-mail discussion lists.

Find one you and your potential clients may be participating in and join it. Tell them about your service. Ask for help. Ask for sales! Invite them to your site. Although the topics are general in nature, I’m certain you’ll find one which fits your category . E.g. Wholesale, retail, etc., etc. For even more specific targeting, try the newsgroups. Usenet is the unsung hero of the net. These special interest groups (SIGs) are literally overflowing with potential customers. Do you sell solar energy equipment? Guess what? There is a solar energy newsgroup. Children’s books? Uh-huh, it’s there too! You name it, chances are there is a newsgroup -specifically targeted- to exactly the type of customer you want on your site.

My ISP carries over 38,000 groups.

NB: Selling, as outright blatant advertising (spam) is severely frowned upon within most newsgroups, but there is nothing stopping you from introducing yourself and offering your knowledge on the subject matter. (Usually just including your URL in your signature file is enough to attract attention.) You should always read the FAQ for the newsgroup you are interested in BEFORE posting to the group. The rules of netiquette are strictly enforced within the “moderated” groups. Follow the group rules. Be honest. Behave yourself. You’ll soon find yourself developing many new client relationships and may even meet a few new friends along the way. Want new targeted customers? Hang out where they hang out. Make sense? You bet!