The Mind Share is Busy

I read the news today oh boy…The line from the Beatles song could not be more appropriate to the goings-on around the globe these past few weeks. No matter which color of political stripe you paint yourself with, matters at hand dictate that all eyes be squarely focused on world events. Historic or horrific, from liberation to looting, each unfolding event brings with it the unerring ability to capture ones attention. To occupy the mind. To pervade the senses and weave its way into society’s collective consciousness. You find yourself addicted to breaking news headlines and straining to interpret grainy satellite transmissions. You stay up until the wee hours of the night feeling drained the next day, but you go back for more first chance you get. All the while the little voice in the back of your brain whispering, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” It’s War. The ultimate all encompassing human spectacle. Life is at stake, and life is (when it comes right down to it) all we’ve got. It’s only natural that the war captures our attention and why it takes a pretty good degree of our available brain power or mind share on a regular basis. The problems of the many out weigh the problems of the individual.

Productivity on a global scale is reduced during times of turmoil. Economic uncertainty gains momentum. Frivolous events become secondary to the urgency of the ‘here-and-now.’

The larger advertising and marketing firms throughout North America are very tuned in to the effects such emotionally wrenching events have on the public as a whole. Ads are pulled off the air by the thousands. Specific styles of marketing and advertising such as those depicting or catering to carefree lifestyles, opulence or consumer possessiveness, often disappear entirely for fear of being interpreted as having ‘bad taste’ or having no respect for current events. There is absolutely nothing that will get an ad campaign dropped faster than the perception of bad taste.

Those ads will sit on the shelf until it is deemed safe to come out and insult our intelligence once again. As in all such situations, some marketing segments will actually increase in activity and perhaps even prosper during times of strife. Financial and Investment based advertising for example, usually increases by promoting messages of hope and security for the future. Anything to do with Patriotism is given free reign. The Insurance industry usually gains ground, as do the Music and Movie Industries because of their diversionary qualities.

For the small business owner, SOHO or Home-based business owner however, these may be very difficult times. Sales will slow. The phone will stop ringing. It’s not your fault. It’s not something you are individually responsible for which is affecting the current course of your business. It’s a global event. It’s that collective consciousness, mentioned earlier. You and your business are presently part of a planet-wide sociological phenomena. There is only so much mind share to go around. Things will change but for now all you can do is ride out the storm. I’m sorry, the mind share is presently busy, please try again later.