Miva Merchant and Metamend

If you are running an online store it is likely that your website is dynamic – meaning you use a script (CGI, PHP, ASP, etc.) to “draw” the pages of your store when someone visits your website. If this is the case, you may be experiencing difficulty in getting your store pages to show up in the search engines. Part of the problem is many search engines will not index some forms of dynamic pages. The solution to the problem is relatively simple – create a static HTML page based on your existing dynamic page(s) and market those to the search engines specifically. Sounds easy doesn’t it… The problem is that you’ll need to regenerate those pages each month to account for new items in your store and any other content changes on your site, such as new navigation links, header content, etc. If you are using Miva Merchant 3 or greater to operate/manage your online store you’re in luck!

Metamend has developed a module that “plugs-in” to the Miva Merchant solution providing you with a fully automated Search Engine Optimization feature which optimizes and submits those static HTML pages each month for you! The module was designed specifically for the Miva Engine and requires NO FTP access. All you do is download the module from our website and install it through your Miva Merchant Administration Interface. Then you simply “activate”

the module inside your “Logging Configuration” section of your store.

Once activated, you must input the required data into the module form and hit “update” and you’re ready to go! You can change the pages that are optimized each month as you see fit – Each month the service will run according to the options you select in the interface. You spend enough time maintaining your online inventory, orders and website content – let Metamend manage your search engine optimization efforts for you!