It’s Not About Building A Better Mousetrap; It’s The Way You Position The Cheese!

If you think that your marketing success depends solely on having a better idea, you are missing the boat. If that were the case the most financially successful people on this planet would be inventors. Some of them have created products that are incredible to say the least, but guess what? Most of these inventors are broke. Some of the most ridiculous products in the world have made millions for their creators. If it was all about making products people wanted, needed or were most practical, we would never have seen the likes of pet rocks, hi-heeled shoes. Nor would we indulge ourselves in a great Chocolate Fudge Sunday. The fact is, many of the things we enjoy, desire or are obsessed by, have very little to do with necessity, practicality or our well being.

What then is the secret? Simple, it’s Marketing!

Marketing is everything, everything is marketing. When it comes to moving products or services there must be differentiation. Most of you will not be introducing an original product or service to the marketplace, (having to create a demand where no demand existed before), so you must think in terms of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or Competitive Advantage or an Edge. Yes you’ve probably heard all of this before, but that’s the Cheese! The problem a lot of struggling companies have is how to position the Cheese.

We all know the world is a pretty big mousetrap with lots and lots of offerings, right? If you don’t target effectively no matter how creative your idea or how superior your product, you are going to struggle. If this is the case it becomes increasingly more difficult (without a huge budget) to enter the fray. On the other hand if your marketing is precise, targeted and potent, you can expect to trigger a positive response and methodically increase marketshare as you generate positive momentum. The name of the game is not how much you spend on marketing, but what your marketing dollars earn for you. These dollars should be reinvested back into an expanded program to win marketshare one bite at a time.

It’s better to hold a magnifying glass in the sunlight, steady over the pile of newspaper clippings, rather than continually rotate your hand over the whole pile. It’s about focus and getting faster results.

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