Content Crazy

Designing a good web site is one thing, creating meaningful content for the site is another.

When you are a web designer and your organization is growing, one thing I’m sure you have noticed is the massive amounts of content being sent your way to upload to the site. You have also probably noticed that uploading this content has begun to take over your primary job role – the ‘design’ of the site. Will you go crazy and eventually become overworked? Yes? Then it’s time to draw the line…

Content should be the job of your marketing people and/or anyone else in charge of creating the content in the first place. The trick is to figure out a way to have them upload the content themselves. To master this move, you must decide whether or not you want to incorporate another third party piece of software, or have custom software designed for you that organically grows, along with the growth of your organization.

I personally prefer the organic approach, as this is usually the most cost effective in the long run. Third party software does not usually give the ability to customize at the grass roots level, which, in my opinion, is a ‘need’ when you are starting out.

So consider the possibility of having someone create some basic web-based software that will allow your site administrators to upload content themselves. This will allow you to concentrate on the actual design of the site, and build it in such a way that guarantees fresh content, which will ultimately bring first time visitors back again and again.