Marketing – Spring Into Action

In most areas of the globe the Winter doldrums are quickly falling behind us and we look enthusiastically toward the promise of warmer weather, new buds on the trees and a chance to feel the sun again. Spring has often emoted strong emotional responses from people. It commands a feeling of renewal. A psychological lift toward new beginnings and a sense of approaching life with a new freshness. These feelings are generally widespread throughout the population and there are marketers out there who know all too well how powerful these feelings can effect sales.

The fashion industry is an excellent example. Suddenly, brightly colored dresses with nature patterns begin “Springing” (sic) up on the racks. Hardware stores start rolling out the BBQ’s and the garden tools. We all see this happening and as consumers happily subject ourselves to this predictable changes in seasonal marketing trends year after year.

The interesting part however, is the suppliers of these items to the stores, may have begun the marketing process years in advance. The person in charge of buying inventory for the store also made those selections months, if not years in advance of this Spring season. The manufacturers had to order raw materials and predict sales and inventory even earlier. The Flyers and Catalogues had to be photographed months ago in time for printing and distribution.

When you stop to think about it, it’s really quite amazing how many decisions have been made and how much work has been done prior to the season. The entire sales and marketing process has taken place well in advance, so you, as a consumer, can simply walk into the store and be presented with the latest offerings.

I mention this process because online marketing must also take some of these aspects into consideration. Do you still have Winter inventory on your site? Are you selling something that can capitalize on the Seasonal change. Flowers? Gift Baskets. Women or Children’s

apparel? This could be your season. Do you offer a Spring Special? Impulse buying tends to surge during seasonal changes. People buy

more cars, houses and other big ticket items during these times. Think about how you can capitalize on this shift in buying patterns.

Rewording your descriptions to reflect positiveness can help. Presenting your items and your pages using seasonal colors is a good idea. Think how bright Easter colors are and design accordingly. Something as simple as a bright background pattern can work in your favor.

By preparing well in advance and adapting your site to reflect seasonal and psychological changes in consumer buying patterns you give your website the chance to look current and evoke the responses you want from your visitors. It’s time to Spring into action. It’ll be Summer before you know it.