Marketing Your Website – Targeting Customers Part 1

The biggest mistake most website owners make is believing their site needs a million hits to be successful. What good is a million visitors to your site if no one buys anything? Wouldn’t you rather have a thousand visitors who actually make purchases? Concentrating your marketing efforts toward finding the right customer is called Target Marketing.

You should know who your potential customer is -before- you start your marketing campaign. Ask yourself these questions. Who is interested in my product or service? How old are they? Where do they live? Are they Male or Female? Are they individuals or businesses? What price range can they afford? And of course the big question; How can I attract them to my site? You should have the answers to all of these questions (plus many more) set firmly in your mind and business plan before wasting time and/or money trying to market your site to the whole wide world. A.K.A.; the “shotgun” approach.

Narrowing down the field doesn’t reduce your ability to sell. On the contrary it will actually enhance this ability by qualifying your customers for you. Next issue we’ll discuss how to find your targets on the Internet.