Team Development

Team Development is an important aspect of web design. If you are in a position of delegation on large website projects, you know it is becoming increasingly difficult to “do it all.” Does your HTML person have to know Flash, Perl, and My SQL or should you allow a broader base of people to work on more focused tasks?

Of course, budget plays an important role in all of this, but let’s pretend for the sake of this article that money is no object – Yeah right! So, on your Utopian Programming Team, where do you draw the line between three jobs for one person, or three people for one job? The answer is very simple. Ask them! That’s right, ask your team where their comfort levels are and then lead them in a direction which will enhance their current skill sets. If you always operate along this line of thinking, you will ensure your team is happy and capable of doing the job and willing to enhance their knowledge base at the same time.

In the end, if you’ve managed to deliver a highly polished, functional website on time, you’ve done your job well. If you’ve managed to do this AND ensure your workers are not burned out for the next project, you are a delegation master… And should be remunerated as such!