More Than One Way to Skin a Web Site

The hardest thing I try to wrap my head around in web design is when to stop designing. What? Isn’t that what I “do?” Well more specifically, what I mean is the tendency to keep adding stuff to a site, until eventually the original concept is lost, and I / you are left with a mixed-up site about a whole bunch of everything. The solution to this very common, yet understated problem can be simple or complex. Using
the complicated answer would be too ironic and silly, so let’s go with the simple one.

Personally, I’ve found that identifying the specific need for the site at the very beginning – yes, like a mission statement – is the key. It’s best if you can narrow it down into one specific sentence, designating the “prime directive” of the the site. It should encompass and identify the site’s purpose, the consumer need, and the philosophy that drives the site’s think-tank. (home business owner, board of directors etc.) All subsequent ideas must run through this statement, like some kind of filter that ensures relevance in relation to philosophy.

Initiating this as a first step will set you far above the pack, providing everything you do reflects your mission statement as closely as possible. Master this concept and your clientele will be sure to recognize a strong theme to the site design which will ultimately result in repeat site visits.