A Year In Hyperspace

It’s that time of year again. Year end. Maybe not the fiscal one but the calendar one for sure. It’s been an interesting twelve months. How has it been for you? Computers were supposed to simplify our lives. Boy, was that statement wrong! Every new invention brings with it an initial learning curve. Remember trying to install software from 5 inch diskettes or those first operating systems? DOS? We’ve leapt light years in technology within a relatively very short period of time and it shows no sign of coming out of hyperdrive soon.

Tangents shoot out for each new piece of technology introduced to the masses. Everyone is scrambling not only to keep up but to stay ahead of the curve. Information Technology is the ultimate rat-race, far exceeding older (1980’s) simpler age. We’re all in this big Skinner box together, each of us pressing the bar countless times for more food. We never seem to get enough data to satiate our information appetite, nor have the ability to slow things down enough to actually analyze and apply new found knowledge. There is a lot of blind faith in technology these days, because it whizzes past so fast, you can’t truly grab hold of it. Do you ever get the feeling that by the time you fully grasp a concept, it’s already changed. You are not alone. This is life in Hyperspace. Life in the -very- fast lane.

Sometimes however, to get a clearer perspective, you have no choice than to slam on the brakes. “Whoa Mule! I says Whoa!”

Let’s get really low tech to review your past year. I think you’ll enjoy the change. Take a deep breath. Find yourself a quiet place. Follow these instructions:

Make two columns on a piece of paper with an interactive writing device.(Pen) In the left column list all the good things (accomplishments) to happen to you this past year. These can be personal or business/job oriented. On the right side list all the difficult things (obstacles) you had to face or overcome, even if you are still working on them. How does it stack up? I sincerely hope the good side is longer, but chances are it’s not. Welcome to life in the information age, more complex than ever before.

So what’s to be done about this Hyperspace pace of life? Shall we all run screaming into the streets? Check ourselves into the flip-city Motel? Heaven forbid. The solution my friends can be summed up in one word. Prioritization.

Remember that word and remember your list. Next issue I’ll show you how to get a great head start on the new year, reduce your stress level and start moving in a positive direction. Now go enjoy yourself this holiday season and for goodness sake, Slow Down! Captain’s orders.