Search Engine Optimization Software

Metamend provides a broad range of SEO solutions. Among the components of our SEO services is our market leading
software, for which Metamend has been recognized as the world’s technology leader by Microsoft, and others. Metamend’s search engine optimization software is
the only SEO software available on the market utilizing an automation process which automatically repairs many of the common errors in web site design, specifically
so that search engines can properly read and index a web site. The process also assists the web site operator by replacing many of the rote and repetitive tasks involved
in web page optimization, with a software tool which performs work of equal quality at much greater speed.

Because our search engine optimization software is a web
based tool, clients who use this service never need worry about any patches or updates. Updates are handled centrally by Metamend. Our standards based SEO services allows
us to adjust to algorithm changes in the search engine world very quickly. These changes are reflected automatically throughout our client base.

The benefit of this
technology is having all the resources at Metamend on your side. We keep on top of the search engines, and their ongoing evolutions, so that you can concentrate on other
areas of your business.

On a money saving level, the automation of search engine optimization operations associated with maintaining a web site can dramatically
increase profitability by reducing your overall web site’s support costs such as additional personnel. You have better things to do with your time. Do you really want to
be constantly adjusting your web site every time a search engine makes a rule change? This could take you hours and hours. The proper use of software helps you manage your
business costs by reducing overhead expenses, without reducing quality.

Search Engine Optimization Software

This is how it is used: Each new search engine optimization customer’s account information is entered into the Metamend’s database, and the service automatically sets up the customer’s domain account in our system on our web server. Our SEO software services include web page and web site analysis, key term extraction, market analysis, keyword generation, metatag and
alternate tag generation, the insertion of the newly optimized tags into the targeted web page(s) and of course, submission of your now optimized web site pages to
the world’s major search engines, directories and search result data suppliers. These are just some of the chores which Metamend has freed you. Automation has its