What are Pay-for-Inclusion Search Engines and Services?

Some engines, such as Entireweb,
Exactseek, and
Lycos use a pay for inclusion model.

What this means is
that to be guaranteed to be found within that specific search engine index, the website operator must pay a fee to be listed. It’s similar to the fee a business pays for a
Yellow Pages listing. These fees vary from monthly to annual. Looksmart charges a listing fee, plus a fee of
$0.15 per clickthrough.

Engaging a Pay-for-Inclusion service does not come with any placement guarantees. If your website is not properly optimized, but you
paid an inclusion fee, it is guaranteed to be indexed and listed somewhere within that search engine. But you probably will not be getting the results you were
aiming for. If you want to ensure success with a Pay-for-Inclusion search engine, then your website must still receive a proper SEO optimization. Without optimization,
which includes looking at all the things that the search engines look for, a pay for inclusion service will not deliver the desired benefits to the website operator.

When properly matched with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization regimen, a Pay for Inclusion program will result in powerful results: qualified traffic,
customers, and relevant traffic. The customers who found your website will be pleased because they found what they were looking for quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about how Pay for Placement works, and what goes in to buying a guaranteed position within the search engines, please
read our section on Search Engine Placement.
For some web sites these Pay Per Click strategies can make sense, but only as a supplement to a proper optimization program. If you are seeking to compare a Pay per
Click program against a Pay for Inclusion program, trying to determine which is right for your web site, please read our section entitled
Pay for Inclusion v.
Pay per Click, Choosing The Right Search Engine Strategy