Where To Start The Search Engine Optimization Process

You should start at the beginning. The most important place to start optimizing your web site for the search engines is with the basic design of your web site. Always approach the design of a web site with the best interest of your target audience in mind. Always remember – they do not know as much as you do on the subject matter you’re discussing. If you do your work properly, the web site becomes a repository for your knowledge, and a resource for your target audience. They become clients for your information, and then customers for your goods or services.

Your web site’s design will play a crucial in role in the decision that visitors make whether to remain at the web site or not. Graphics, layout, load time, fonts and ease of navigation will all have an influence on the users decision. When you craft a web site that is well designed and laid out, you are also putting in place a proper foundation for search engine optimization tools to succeed. Remember, the search engines are less intelligent than any of your human visitors. If anything is confusing or hard for a person to understand, it’s probably going to be next to impossible for a robot, or search engine spider to comprehend.

SEO Test Aside from attracting and retaining visitors, the design of a web site is also critical for search engine positioning. Directories, such as Yahoo!, will review your site before accepting it. Directory editors look for sites with good design to add to their indices. If they don’t ‘get’ it immediately, they probably won’t spend the time trying to figure it out. With Yahoo! this test may have cost you their $299 submission fee.

Once you have a proper web site design in place, a proper search engine optimization regimen will properly prepare every aspect of your web site for promotion to the search engines. This means that all search engine markers are put in place, and any search engine barriers are removed. It also means that all the great content that has been placed on the page, and within the web site, is easily found, contextually reviewed, and properly used to promote the web site to the search engines.

A complete SEO strategy will:

  1. Seek to promote your web site based on the content of the site;
  2. Utilize data of how the average search engine user actually looks for information on your site – including alternative terms, synonyms, common phrasing, etc;
  3. Include the creation, or addition of a search engine optimized relevance based reciprocal links network to your site;
  4. Follow up on the preparation period with scheduled search engine submissions, promotional tools, and some means of reporting your success, usually a statistics report.

If you are unsure where to start, we recommend reading the section called strategies for building a website, as well the sections contained in our page search engine strategies.

Why a Web Site Needs Search Engine Optimization

The increased visibility which results from a properly structured SEO optimization campaign boosts your website’s ability to be found by searchers seeking your services. This increase in targeted traffic to your site greatly increases the likelyhood of sales.

What is Metamend’s SEO service

Metamend will promote your website to ensure proper coverage in search engines representing 90% of the worlds search traffic. Proper coverage and visibility for your key phrases raises a website’s likelihood of being found by customers seeking a websites products or services. More targeted customer traffic to your website increases the chance of additional sales.

When you choose Metamend, you are investing your online success with a company that has a wealth of experience to draw upon, and strives to ensure your business is properly tuned and prepared to succeed in the search engines.

Strong overall search engine positioning helps
identify your business as a market leader.
Metamend focuses upon your website’s
relevance, so it can be accurately placed within the search engines. A
targeted strategy offers better returns than traditional media campaigns.
The wonderful part about an online strategy is this approach allows for a precise and
meaningful measurement of results ensures a higher ROI on your advertising

What You Get

A search engine optimization strategy that works.

Website Analysis Report

Any proper SEO optimization program must start with an analysis, so that a proper, customized roadmap to optimizing your web site is starting with a proper web site analysis. Our SEO Technicians will analyze and provide a
detailed written website analysis report on the state of your website. This report will
identify all key areas which may be impeding search engines
from reading and indexing your website correctly. The report also recommends
solutions to fix the identified issues. Once complete, the report is
presented, and we discuss it together.

After we’ve had an opportunity to review the
findings together, and to agree on the best course of action, our website
specialists and SEO professionals begin work on your website to remove the
identified barriers, and to improve the relevant textual content of your
The report covers a wide range of issues, and while we concentrate on search
engine related ones, if we notice anything else that is a potential issue or
problem, it too is identified.
This report is extremely detailed. An example of the sections included are shown on the next page.
Some of the sections and topics covered are as follows:

General Overview and Review

  • Current SEO Scorecard Assessment

Search Engine Barriers

  • Title Meta Tags
  • Description Meta Tags
  • Keyword Meta Tags
  • Textual Content
  • ALT Attribute Descriptions
  • Linking Text
  • Title Attribute
  • The robots.txt File
  • HTML syntax errors

Keyword Analysis

  • Pages Spidered
  • Generated Keyword/Phrase Diagnosis
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Keyword Phrases
  • General Keywords Explanation

Backlink Analysis

  • Current Backlinks

Optimization Roadmap

  • Pages to be Optimized
  • Optimization Matrix
  • Scope of Work
  • Content Optimization (using Targeted Keyword Phrases)
  • Current Search Engine Placement (for Targeted Keyword Phrases)
  • Structural / Technical Optimization

Once all the suggestions in the Website
Analysis Report have been addressed, we re-analyze your site as
a quality control measure to ensure nothing was missed, and then proceed to enter into the next phase of
the optimization process.

Consulting and Support

Metamend believes in one-on-one, personalized customer support – an absolute necessity in business. We
understand that the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website
Optimization is a new territory, and foreign to most people. Our philosophy
is that the process should be as educational as you would like it to be. We
will walk through each step of the process, explaining each step in as much
detail as you request.

Our SEO Technicians are extremely well versed in both identifying any SEO
barriers that exist on your website, and in removing those barriers
for you. This means we work hard so that you can concentrate on managing
other areas of your business.

Ongoing Monthly Updates

A key step in the process is to continue the
optimization via ongoing monthly updates we take care of our clients and
ensure they succeed in the long term, not just for a few months. Ongoing
monthly SEO updates include the following four steps:

  1. Website Analysis
  2. Website Optimization
  3. Search Engine Submission
  4. Search Engine Progress Reports