Search Engine Optimization – Overview

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of configuring a website for maximum exposure to search engine spiders, ensuring relevant placement within search engine database structures and results. It is designed to promote a website so that it attracts traffic from the search engines for that website’s relevant key messages, and is a subset of Internet Marketing.

Everything about the design and construction of your website should be done from the perspective of functionality, with an eye to search engine performance. The only way to attain and retain top search engine positioning for relevant keywords over an extended period of time, is by removing any barriers to the search engine spiders, and by having strong, relevant content. The simplest step in the Search Engine Optimization process starts here.

Search Engine Optimization must not be considered a one time event. It is an ongoing process. A successful Search Engine Optimization strategy begins with proper website design, and builds on that by incorporating a regular, consistent SEO service into your website’s regular maintenance schedule. SEO should ensure your website stays up-to-date with all of the latest search engine trends and algorithms, to build and maintain placement.

Part time SEO efforts often miss the benchmark practices, and over time, can fail to produce optimal or even necessary results. The outcome is lengthy time delays in driving relevant traffic to your website. The cost is measured in lower Return On Investment, and impacts the net present value of your company’s web assets.

To avoid this mistake, Metamend follows a statement of work framed around the deployment discipline of Analysis, Implement, and Manage. Metamend’s methodology ensures a consistent and dynamic approach to helping your company’s website gain the higher ground in the search engines.