Site Audit at Metamend

Are you happy with your websites’ traffic?

Business means competition. Metamend’s Site Audit document is an SEO website analysis report which is your first line of defense in gaining the higher ground in the search engine battle.

The website analysis report will give the ammunition you need to improve your search engine placement by tackling the search engine barriers, as well as providing keyword analysis and a back linking strategy.

The website analysis report will give you the critical SEO site analysis, including examples and guidelines for you to mount your search optimization campaign.  Metamend’s SEO analysis report is your entry point to staking your claim on the world wide web for improved search engine placement.

You need an Metamend website analysis report if you

  • would like to know what is preventing your site positioning in the search engines.
  • require a roadmap for effective long term positioning.
  • advice on which keywords will be the most effective in your search marketing campaign.
  • need expert eyes to assess how a new website’s design may negatively impact your current search positioning.

When do you need an SEO analysis report?

Many companies undertake search engine optimization (SEO) audits to:

  1. Assess the current search engine effectiveness of a site.
  2. Identify what needs to be done to improve it.

Additionally, regular SEO audits enable you to track a site’s performance over time. Your accounting department has auditors, and so should the search marketing team. An SEO analysis report can be one of your best SEO investments.

If your company has a new website or a recent redesign an SEO audit gives you a current snapshot of your websites SEO health.  It will indicate if your new design (or specifically, the code underneath) will cause any issues with the search engines, or if you’re in need of a specialist to fix those problems. A website audit will reveal unknowns such as cloaking that was implemented years ago, or tactics that weren’t implemented for SEO reasons. Certain tactics may seen harmless at the time but may get you in trouble with the search engines. A site analysis report will also tell you what’s working, as well as what more you can do to increase your relevant traffic from the search engines.

Results of a search engine optimization analysis report can also help aid in the decision to outsource all or part of your search marketing. If the results indicate you have a lot of work on your hands, you’ll need expert help and a team of SEO analysts to work with your web development team on the changes required.

If you aren’t happy with how your website is performing in the search engine results you can implement an SEO site analysis report to identify why you aren’t ranking and receive targeted advice on what you need to do to boost your organic traffic.

Even if you’ve been doing SEO for a while, an SEO website analysis report will give you a fresh perspective on what more you can be doing.  The reality is that you don’t know what you don’t know.  An external SEO analyst will come in with a different knowledge set and identify new opportunities. The search engines and your competitors are not standing still.  An SEO audit can help you keep pace.

Online marketing is seen to be the new kid vying for budget and it struggles to get the confidence of management and IT. One great tactic is to get a third party to confirm that you know what you’re talking about. An SEO site analysis report will confirm what should be on your SEO road map, and add strategies that will support you with Management buy-in and budget requests.

At SMX West, The New York Times, Yahoo and all stated that they use regular “SEO Site Audits” as part of their search marketing strategy. A yearly SEO site analysis report can give management insight into how your site is progressing and what is, or isn’t, working. So, what’s in an SEO site analysis report?

Metamend’s Site AUDIT service is a website SEO analysis report that is designed to give your website an SEO strategy that will get results as measured by relevant traffic.

The AUDIT includes an SEO analysis report containing the search engine strategy for your website, and consists of two important delivery components, keywords (strategic) and website ranking factors (structural).

Below is a breakdown of the Site AUDIT services, along with our expected timelines, and client deliverable. Metamend’s Site AUDIT services include Exquisite Search Metrics to assist with SEO website analysis analytics and provide a benchmark of current search referral traffic and its associated details (i.e. by phrase, search engine, geographical location, etc).

SEO Site AUDIT service:

1. Keyword Research and Discovery Phase

  • The Site AUDIT starting point is a discovery of the relevant “money phrases”. A focus is place on 20 to 30 key phrases, their ROI potential based on natural language usage, relevancy, competitiveness, and on page content usage. Phrases may be short or long tail (one word or many word phrases). Extended phraseology research (hundreds of phrases) including the “long tail phrases” are part of Metamend’s expanded “WordPLAY” phraseology research.

2. Website Analysis Phase

  • Metamend’s SEO Technicians take the finalized phrases and prepare a detailed analysis of your website.
  • Key reviewed items include:
    • Internal linking structure
    • Accessibility of central navigation elements
    • Effectiveness of existing messaging found within website content
    • HTML compliance and validation issues
    • Site depth and usability
    • File and URL structure
    • Current state of prominent messages
    • Web server configuration
  • Our SEO Technicians tabulate key observations and prepare a ‘SEO Website Analysis Report’. This in-depth analysis outlines in detail each reviewed item identified as a problem area. Each reviewed item is then detailed categorically following the outline below:
    • Label of Problem Area: (Search Engine Barrier)
    • Introduction: Each barrier item is introduced with reasoning related to Search Engine Optimization
    • Critical Analysis: The problem area is described as it appears on your website
    • Example/Recommendations: Depending on the barrier, one or two ‘Before and after examples are provided that showcases live source code examples from your site along with recommended HTML code examples.

3. Analysis Review Phase

  • Document and presentation preparation.
  • An Account Manager will send you your report, schedule a call to review the findings, and discuss implementation.
  • Each problem area is discussed in detail with strategies to ensure best practices are used to remove any search engine barriers.
  • You approve, make changes, or request alternatives.

3.5 Example Audit – Table of Contents (TOC)

Table of Contents

A. Website Analysis Report for WWW.DOMAIN.COM


B. Search Engine Barriers

  1. Title Tags
  2. Description Meta Tags
  3. Textual Content
  4. Duplicate Content
  5. Internal Linking Strategies
  6. Alt Attribute Descriptions
  7. Title Attribute
  8. Domain Redirect
  9. Invalid Internal Links
  10. URL & File Naming
  11. The robots.txt File

C. Back link Analysis

Inbound Link Data
Strategic Analysis

D. Keyword Analysis

Pages Linked from Home Page (visible by search engines)
Generated Keyword/Phrase Diagnosis
General Keywords Explanation

E. Appendix ‘A’

Pages to be optimized
Optimization Matrix
Scope of Work
1) Content Optimization (using Targeted Keyword Phrases)
2) Current Search Engine Placement for Targeted Keyword Phrases
3) Structural / Technical Optimization

F. Helpful Tips – Things to Remember