Web Site Traffic Reports

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Step 1: Web Site Analysis
Step 2: Web Page Optimization
Step 3: Search Engine Submission
Step 4: Web Site Traffic Reporting

Once your web site is optimized, and has been promoted to the search engines, it’s time to see how the world is using it. This information is found in your Monthly Stats, or Statistical Analysis Reports, and also known as Web Site Analytics Reports.

These reports are full of useful information including the total number of visitors each month, total pages viewed, and a report indicating where your traffic is coming from.** It also includes some more detailed information like the time of day your site was visited, which specific pages were viewed, etc. These reports allow you to objectively review the performance of your web site each month, identify weak areas, and build on the strong.

The Stats Reports provided by Metamend do not include “Ranking Reports.” If you would like to know why we have determined these ranking reports to be misleading and detrimental to the performance of your web site, please see our page on monitoring how a website ranks in the search engines, or our Metamend Infopack, which includes a competitive analysis chart.

If you do not provide log file access, Metamend will not be able to generate monthly traffic reports for you.

We consider Monthly Statistics Reports to be invaluable in the search engine optimization process, as it’s the only completely objective way to review performance vis-a-vis the search engines.

** Referring Site Reports require complete logs in one of the following formats:

  1. IIS W3C-Extended
  2. Unix Combined Log Format