Web Site Optimization

Web site optimization is the process of preparing a web site for marketing it to the search engines. This process can be quite a challenge. Keeping up with all the search engine changes and algorithms on a weekly or monthly basis is an arduous task. That’s why Metamend is here to do this for you. We keep track of all the things the search engines look for and optimize your web site for you, we prepare it for promotion to the search engines, and we submit it to the search engines.

Web site optimization is a component of a Search Engine Marketing strategy. No web site marketing strategy is complete without an optimization plan. Most people refer to this process as Search Engine Optimization.

However, long before you should begin to worry about a web site marketing strategy, or optimization plan, you need to build a content rich web site. A good web site designer will use the online equivalent of an architect’s drawing, and design principles to create your web site. They will help you lay out a strategy that combines the simplest way to deliver your core messages with very natural and intuitive navigation tools. Having a proper architectural layout for your web site is vital to the overall development and success of a web site. Once done, the ease of use for the end user is finalized, but the web site still needs to be optimized for the search engines, so as to attract potential customers. It is important not to miss this key step, or your web site may be difficult to find. Without proper use of all the right tools and resources, even a great web site may fail.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of configuring a web site for maximum exposure to the search engine spiders to ensure relevant placement within their databases. A successful SEO strategy will always stay up-to-date with all of the latest search engine trends and algorithms to maintain that placement. This strategy will stay up to date, so that you don’t have to.

Search Engine Optimization is a complete solution for marketing your web site to the search engines. It includes 4 major steps:

  1. Web Site Analysis
  2. Web Page Optimization
  3. Search Engine Submission
  4. Web Site Traffic Reporting

The result of an effective search engine marketing strategy is increased “Relevant Traffic”. Relevant traffic means potential customers for your products, consumers for your knowledge, or viewers for your content. It does not guarantee you sales – because, for example, your pricing could be out of whack – but it does ensure that the audience you are seeking to reach will find you.

Search engine optimization in itself will not and should not guarantee you placement in the “top ten” or “top thirty” within the search engines. Search engine optimization is not search engine placement or ranking. That said, Search engine optimization will prepare every aspect of your web site for the promotion of the web site to the search engines. This means that all search engine markers are put in place, and any search engine barriers are removed.