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WordPLAY is the strategic element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that identifies and quantifies phrases / words offering the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) and branding opportunities within the search engines. This is accomplished by identifying both short and long tail phrase searches, using tools and data to determine their ROI potential.

By expanding the keyword list through research, Metamend can detect strategic marketing issues, such as:

  • Frequency
  • Seasonal trends
  • Regional, national and international (e.g. boot is to the British what trunk is to North Americans) demographics

WordPLAY discovers content creation opportunities based on human / business intent (searches) in order to capture relevant traffic!

WordPLAY and Phrase Strategies

Search phrases are divided into two categories. These include short and long tail phrases. Short tail phrases are prime keywords. An example of a short tail phrase is Sales Lead. On the other hand, long tail phrases are very specific searches that have a statistical relevance to your prime keywords. Long tail does not necessarily mean the phrase contains many keywords, but rather, it identifies a phrase that falls outside the realm of your main branded phrases.

Long tail phrases are typically underutilized, but represent a plethora of search engine queries. Individually their daily usage rates are relatively low; hence they are used sparingly in most SEO campaigns. But collectively, they could represent a significant portion of your overall search engine traffic.

Phrase strategies are important because they represent several key factors when it comes to search engine traffic:

  • Strong Conversion Rates
  • Increased Stickiness
  • Increased Top 10 Opportunity
  • Brand Strengthening

Through Metamend, a complete WordPLAY audit will be conducted on your site identifying the best phrase strategies for your market vertical. CONTACT an SEO Consultant today, and get WordPLAY working for you!