Froogle Strategic Internet Marketing

Froogle was launched December 11, 2002.

Froogle is a shopping related search engine that allows merchants to list their products for free.

Both business and product information are uploaded to Froogle as feeds, via ftp. This information is in the form of PDF, Excel or simple text. There is no current product limit, but users must be registered Google members in order to access.

Froogle lists the most recent product requests on the main page. When conducting a search, the search engine results page, or SERP, is laid out by: price range, brands, related searches and stores at the top of the screen; a main results listing in the middle of the screen; and a sponsored links list to the right of the screen. Sponsored ads are provided through Google Adwords. Sites are ranked based on relevancy.

Froogle provides list view and grid display view options. The list view shows more information about the product, while grid shows more products on the screen.

The advanced search feature allows you to narrow down product searches by name, price range, and location.